Second Place Is Bittersweet

My daughter met someone, and she says she loves him, and I am in second place now. Which is not first, and a hard place to be in if it’s a competition, or in someone’s life.  Your not quite good enough, but better than third.  She is much more interested in her male friend, than anything to do with me and I’m her mama.

The contemplation started, after reading another blog, about a father and his 2-year-old baby girl, having a 2-year-old baby boyfriend.  The Cutter Rambles, check it out.

Second place, makes me sad and happy all at once.  That’s what I mean by bittersweet, I’ve always wanted Lani to fall in love, and begin her life with a god fearing man, but I just saw it happening differently, more when I was ready.

I saw it happening, further down the road, maybe when she was 25, or 26.  I’m excited but I’m also losing my baby, but I want grand babies in the future, so see, I’m conflicted.  I’m also worried about her choices, and if he’s sincere.

Yep, opposites do attract...
Yep, opposites do attract…

I’ve taught her everything I can about what a man’s character should look like.  Which was extremely difficult, since I’m not a man, and a single mom.   I’ve shared scripture with her about what God has to say on the matter.

Now, I must let her live her life, and see how much she was listening.  Also, using her judgement, based on what she’s learned up to now.

So far so good, no missteps from the ladybug, so I guess I should be thankful, and prayerful, for this next phase of life.  Here’s the scripture that relates to the faithfulness of God…

Psalm 89:14 ~ O Lord God of hosts who is mighty as you are, O Lord, with your faithfulness all around you? (ESV)

So, knowing I have all the same worries as any parent, it’s strange taking a back seat when my counsel and opinion use to mean so much, to Lani.  Yes, second place can be a rough spot to be in, but I’m excited to see what second place brings.  Also, I’ve had first place for 21, almost 22 years so that’s a pretty good run. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

7 thoughts on “Second Place Is Bittersweet

  1. I’m thinking as mothers we’ll be shifting between 1st and 2nd place for the rest of our lives. Today I appreciate my mother more than I ever have in my life. It’s truly a privileged place to be.


    • I agree, although my mama passed away years ago. If she were living now I would appreciate her more then I did. I’m so glad to know that you appreciate your mama, praise God. I just hope my daughter will say the same thing some day, about me. Blessings, Bupe


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