EdenEden, was a very interesting but sad movie, that I happened across surfing through IMDB, a database of movies and actors.   This movie has an interesting tenor, serving as a kind of public service announcement without being campy.

I love stories about women, and since we very rarely see them I knew I had to watch this one.   Perhaps, I should say, there are very few movies starring women leads.  My curiosity continued further as it was directed by a woman, with an Asian woman as the lead character.  Especially, because I’ve seen very few american movies with Asians in them let alone the lead character, and this is unfortunate, to say the least.

Eden deals with sex slavery of women, something I had not really given much thought too.  What I mean by that is I knew it happened, but it didn’t seem that relevant, especially in America.  That’s what I get for assuming again.

I really had no idea this was such a pervasive problem, in this country.  I apologize, for being this ignorant, which is why this movie caught me off guard.  Then when the credits rolled and it said, based on a true story I was mortified.   So what’s really going on??? (So glad I got to use my catch phrase in a post finally!!!!)

The thought of my daughter being kidnapped and forced into prostitution, sounds archaic and terrifying all at once.  What the heck?  Yes, I’ve heard the stories about women being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery by one person or a few people, but I had know idea how ubiquitous this was.

Which is one of the reason I love the movies because, if you think you know, and you don’t know, well now you do.  Movies can open the mind up to reveal things that seem like they should be fiction but aren’t, and leave you with your mouth hanging wide open.

Eden 2
Jamie Chung/photo:torrentbutler.eu

Which is what happened here, the acting was good, the actors were well cast, and you really felt the plight of this young woman.   The lead character’s name is Eden, played by Jamie Chung, of, Hang Over 2 and 3, and Sucker Punch, with supporting actor Beau Bridges, of, The Fabulous Baker Boys, and Jerry McGuire.   He gives this movie flare, and and he does a lot of indie movies which I love.  The indie feel, ameliorates the subject matter, which you just can’t get from big budget productions.

Finally, if nothing else, this movie can serve as a warning to your daughter’s and granddaughter’s about this subject, and to always pay attention to detail, it could save their life.  I give this one a new Musing Movie Score of B.  This is a very Note Worthy flick.   Rated R for subject matter and language. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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