Daily Prompt: Take Care Of The Voices

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help? 

My hospital room
My hospital room

I wake up suddenly, I look at the time, it says 2am, I touch my chest, I feel my heart racing.

I think, “oh dear, not again.”   I look around, and then just start praying and asking God to stop my heart from beating so fast.

I wait, “no that didn’t work,” I think quietly, “well at least not yet.”

I get off the bed and start pacing the floor, I leave the light off, I feel the carpet underneath my feet, then suddenly, I stub my toe on the desk chair.   I scream quietly, so I don’t scare my roommate awake.   I think, “great not only is my heart beating out of control, but now I’ve probably broken my toe.”

Oh how embarrassing, if I have to call the paramedics.   I have a broken toe, and I’ve gone into A-fib.   So, I limp painfully holding my chest, into the living room and sit on the couch.

I look at my roommates door, and think. “I know, she’s fast asleep.”  I get up again, hoping she will be up.

I knock and peek in, I see the reflection of the TV on her and she’s of course fast asleep.   I think, “I have to be a soldier, I have to ride this out until it’s a decent hour.”   Then suddenly, I hear in my head, the doctor’s voice from the last time I was A-fib.   “Don’t wait if it happens again, call an ambulance.”

So let’s see, to add to my toe, and my heart, I now hear voices in my head?   Wow, I’m truly, a piece of work, and it’s 3 am.   So, I’m thinking, “am I going to do what the doctor said, or risk having a stroke, or heart attack?”   I finally decide, at 3:20 am, to call the ambulance.   It took 1 hour and 20 minutes and soldier status GONE.

So, diagnosis just A-fib, no heart attack, or stroke, but I sprained my big toe.  Oh, and that voice in my head?  Was just the voice of reason. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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