Iron Man 3

I don’t know why it took me so long to go see this movie, I just saw it today.  Sometimes, when a movie get’s a lot of hype it slows down my excitement to see it.

Also, since my daughter has left the nest, I haven’t been very interested in comic book movies, but this one was decent.

Iron Man, RDJ/
Iron Man, RDJ/

It had clever dialog, the villain was believable, and I’m glad RDJ, Game of Shadows, and Chaplin, played it out of his iron suit for most of the movie.  It gave the character depth.

I do question the romance with his assistant though.  It makes no sense, I don’t understand, why won’t he marry Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespear In Love, A Perfect Murder?  My goodness, she goes to battle, and risks her life on his behalf constantly.  How is this a good example to our youth?  What’s the message here?  **(You’ve got to watch for these subtle quiet little messages in movies, they become quite strong over time.)**

That it’s ok to take advantage of a woman, if you are rich, and have a reputation of being a playboy?  And what about his assistant, it’s ok to let someone take advantage of you, if your boyfriend is rich, and want’s to keep his playboy reputation in tacked?  That’s just silly.

Cheadle is great/
Cheadle is great/

Anyway, outside of that silly premise the movie has, one of my favorite actors of all time, Don Cheadle, Oceans 11, and Flight.  He was amazing, and gave the story some flair.  It was fun watching Cheadle/RDJ save the world, together.  Hat’s off to both men, for being in the mid to late forties running around like teens.  I also think they had good stunt doubles.   Good buddy chemistry, too.  Also, there’s no need to see the first and second one, to enjoy this one.  This stands on its own, nicely.  My Musing Movie Score is B-, you can wait for the DVD on this one, but it’s worth seeing.  Rated PG13 for violence. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants  Safety Alert: I don’t know about children seeing this with the dumb romantic premise, unless you challenge your kids about, the dubious relationship the characters are cultivating here.

2 thoughts on “Iron Man 3

  1. Nice review, Shazza.

    I agree with you about Tony Stark not exactly being a role model. I guess that roguishness is his main appeal.

    Don Cheadle is a great actor and I too enjoy his performances.



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