A Word I’d Like To Drop

This is my favorite post of the year so far!!!!

Daily Prompt: No, Thank You

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

We live in an interesting time. It is a time when people must pretend some words don’t exist. If a person should use a word that is supposed to not exist there are dire consequences ahead for that person.

Paula Deen found out.

First, before ya’ll get up in arms, I don’t enjoy her cooking program. The program is personality driven and not about cooking. Second, I deplore the use of the n-word as a label to a person or race. Third, I feel childish for saying n-word. It makes me think I’m saying “poopy” instead of, well, you know. For the reason it is offensive it should not be used.

The word devalues a person immediately. Yet, it is used by blacks with impunity. It can be used as either a…

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