Daily Prompt: No, Thank You

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

Wow, I really have to rant about this post I just read by The Jittery Goat, and it was better than good it was…geez I don’t know what adjective to use, AUSPICIOUS, and timely.  50 years ago, I’m sure SOME people would not be insulted by hearing this word unfortunately, but thank goodness for forward thinking!

He actually spoke about 2 different words which are no thank you, but I just want to refer to 1 of the 2.

What I loved is, he used few words to get his message across, he talked about the word, and its history.  He spoke about people who used this word, also, how damaging this word is.  Really the word should be removed from the English/American language, for sure.  Unless, there is context, a period piece your writing about, a movie your directing, etc.

This word is so devastating it can ruin careers, especially if the career is in the public eye.  I’m thinking of one recent celebrity specifically.

Although, the irony is, if your of a certain race, in America, you have unwritten license to use this word indiscriminately with no repercussions, it’s sort of, right of passage, for some stupid reason, and that is mind-boggling.

For example, if SUPERSTAR, Will Smith used the word, he would be deemed a hero by many, (but not me, I don’t care for him very much!!!)  Or if  film director, Spike Lee uses the word it’s all ok (NOT), but this is how our society choses to deal with the atrocities of our past.

Has anyone figured out what that word is yet?

This was my No, Thank You word.  However, since The Jittery Goat said it best, I know I can’t do better.  So I will just leave it there, and let you read his blog post.

PS, sorry Paula Deen but I’m done with you, I didn’t really care for you before either, but now I have a good reason not to care for you.  No wonder you like the movie “The Help,” so much.

Paula Deen's apology/photo: eater.com
Paula Deen’s apology/photo: eater.com

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14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: No, Thank You

  1. Good job. Well spoken. When I hear a black man use the word, as a white man, it seems like a challenge: “Now you try it.”
    No thanks. Even it’s not heard it cheapens my own tongue, if not my heart also.


    • I’m really glad someone said it, thanks for being bold enough too say it. I agree, just because a black person says it, it doesn’t take the sting out, in fact it makes it worse. I’m so glad my mom taught me that it was NEVER ok to say that no matter what, especially because I’m black! Thanks for the comment and the wonderful post! Blessings


      • I have a black friend (yes I really do, besides my daughter-in-law) he told me that his dad told him to never respond to name calling, but if they use that word it rises to a whole other level.


  2. I never watched her show before, but I know she was big in the South. In a year or two she will have a show on the same or other network. She will be doing a mea culpa tour to disenfranchised neighborhoods.


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