World War Z

World War Z/
World War Z/

World War Z’s start was very fast paced, there was very little character development, but it was easy to figure out what was happening.  It kind of reminded me of War of the World in the beginning.

What I didn’t like about it was there was no real explanation for why this thing was happening.  It was underwritten, and important things were left out.

Brad Pitt’s performance surprised me, (Benjamin Button, Ocean’s Eleven).   Usually he’s pretty much the same guy in most of his movies, but here I have to say I saw a different side to him.   One with substance and caring.   I believed him, as the concerned hipster family man, who seemed sympathetic to the needs of others.   But I was distracted by his long hair, all I kept thinking is what kind of job does he have?   Is he a rock star?   Is he a rock star manager, since leaving the UN job?   Why the hipster look?   Whoops sorry I got distracted again.   I liked him in it, but having said that, rent it.

I love zombie movies but this didn’t have enough story to it.  I know I’m repeating myself but, please explain the why to the audience.   There were some very suspenseful moments, and the CGI was on point, but it seemed like the writers got tuckered out and just stopped writing.   The other why is, why do they insist on making these movies 3D?   It’s so unneeded, is it just to get our money???

Brad Pitt/
Brad Pitt/

I’m not sure how the underwriting happens, when you have big budgets but it seems to happen a lot with blockbuster flicks.   This movie kind of reminded me of  when it gets to the end of a M. Night Shyamalan movie, (The Happening, The Village), and that’s a cryin shame.  My score of this one is C, see it on DVD, rated PG13 for violence. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

4 thoughts on “World War Z

  1. Good review. It was tense and a bit scary, but very weak in the writing-department. Don’t know what happened, but they should have definitely added just a bit more development to these characters in order to actually have us care for them.


    • Yes I agree, it was scary but you can’t have good actors good special effects, good idea and no story. It really all has to work together. If they make a sequel they gotta do better.


    • Yeah, or War of the World, when Tom was in and out of danger 50 different times. I really think Brad’s acting has risen, to the occasion, he’s a better actor then Tom Cruise, that’s for sure and that’s nice to see finally. Shazza


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