Wow, Roger Federer Is Out! Slone and Serena Still In!

Roger defeted at Wimbledon/
Roger defeted at Wimbledon/

Are you kidding me?   Federer ousted out of Wimbledon after only the 2nd round!   That’s kinda mind boggling, and by Sergie Stakhovsky who’s seeded 116th and never beaten a top ten player in a major before now.    Oh and not just top ten but world number 1!

Sergie Strakhovsky/
Sergie Stakhovsky/

Federer, hasn’t blundered like this since 2003, and that was right before his world domination run.   Also, Nadal is out after the first round!   As well as Sharapova on the women’s side.   So, what’s really going on?

I’m really concerned by how Serena will fare here, now that all her heavy challengers have basically been eliminated on the women’s side.

Also, maybe this will finally be Andy Murray’s year, since almost all the heavy hitters are gone, on the men’s side.   I think that will be nice for him since Wimbledon has always eluded him, and he’s a brit.

Slone Stephens
Slone Stephens/

I’m happy that Slone Stephens made it through, I’d love to see an all American final with she and Serena!

That would be an exciting match, especially if Slone gives Serena a fight.   But now I’m getting ahead of the competition, I’m still dazed by the beat down Federer received today.

Serena Williams/
Serena Williams/

I was really rooting for Roger since he’s made the quarter finals, 36 times consecutively in all his majors.   However, the day does always come for the dominators, when domination is no longer viable, because of age or injury or both.  It will be interesting to see how this all finally plays out. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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