It’s Official, You Get What You Pay For!

smog checkSo today I felt like I was running all around town getting nothing accomplished.   I was looking for a place to get a smog check.   So instead of me doing the logical thing, and listen to that little voice in my head, I listened to the ad and didn’t make an appointment to get it done.

The ad said no appointments necessary.

So I took the ads word for it.   Perhaps, I wanted to believe that ads tell the truth, even though I know better, or maybe I just didn’t want to be cynical this morning.

However, the problem is, in this economy you can’t waste time and money.   It is very important to be frugal with both things.

For example, I should have called ahead for a few reasons, one, I wouldn’t have driven to the other side of town.   Two, I would have found out that the place didn’t have their Star license.   Three, I would have saved my gas, because getting a good deal and wasting the gas to get there is not cohesive.   Not to mention, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!   So, what’s really going on?

Well, I will tell you, looking back on my day so far, I did everything wrong, I didn’t conserve my gas, or energy, and I got angry.   Also, it was 100° outside, literally, but I am glad to say, I got my smog check, even though I ended up paying 10$ more, going somewhere else but getting excellent customer service.   Oh, and it was closer to the house.

The good news is, my car passed, and I’m back home in my cool house.

So the moral is, be proactive, meaning, print your smog coupons, call a few different smog shops, get price ahead of time, and scheduale an appointment, don’t believe the ads, and always have a plan B. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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