The Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer
Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer/photo:

I give this movie a grade of C+.   I haven’t been impressed so far with what movies I’ve seen this year, except maybe for, Star Trek Into Darkness.  The Lone Ranger was long, and confusing at times, and I didn’t understand the humor.   There didn’t seem like there was much to laugh about, and yet they wanted the audience to laugh.

Johnny Depp, Pirates of The Caribbean, is starting to play the same character just in a different costume, in his movies, and he’s becoming a cliché.

At first, all his character acting was interesting, but not so much anymore.  Armie Hammer, Mirror Mirror, and The Social Network, was ok, I think this is his first top billing in a movie.

Overall, the movie kind of went stale, about halfway through, and here we go again with making Christians seem stupid (sigh).   When the movie ended I saw 3 writers on the movie and that usually means problems, I wish I could say it was good, but it was just ok.

The lady lead, Ruth Wilson, Luther and Anna Karenina, who is a fine actor, wasn’t used properly in the movie.   Neither was, Helena Bonham Carter, Fight Club and King’s Speech.   None of the characters made you care about them, unfortunately. 

It seemed another case of, good actors not enough story.   Especially to carry a 2 ½ hour flick, sometimes movies need less hype, less previews, and more clever writing, to make them work.   That’s what made Into Darkness so good.   You didn’t see hardly any previews til the movie was about to open, and specifically no important sequences.   This movie is rated PG 13, for violence.  Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

I thought this was so cute to I thought I would put it in my post.
I thought this was so cute so I thought I would put it in my post.

2 thoughts on “The Lone Ranger

    • I agree, he seems to be that same guy. I would like to see him play a leading character with normal clothes on. Although, I think he tried in that Movie The Tourist with Angelina Jolie, which I don’t think worked for them. But there was no chemistry and bad writing. Which didn’t help.


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