Turbo, 200th post!!!

Turbo/photo: www.filmschoolrejects.com/

Turbo kind of had a slow start to set up the story, and I thought it was kind of predictable.

Halfway through the movie I began to get really bored and started to doze off a little.

By the end of the movie it picked up a great deal and it was more interesting.

The voice actors they used were pretty good, but it seemed a little forced.    What I mean is, it seemed like the creators were trying so hard to join, Latino-Americans into the cast, that it kind of became cliché and oddly uncomfortable, wow.   This wasn’t a great one for DreamWorks.

However, the music was creative, and I enjoyed all the snail voice actors.   I give the movie a C, you don’t have to watch it in the theater.   Why see it for $7.50 when you can see it for $1.00 in a couple of months?  Rated PG, the family can see this one.   This is my 200th post, it’s time to celebrate!!! Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

So, here is where you muse/rant about what I've mused/ranted about...

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