Hangin With The Seniors

Today I was out all day with older folks, it was an interesting event.

So at the community center, Golden and I went to a class called Growing Old Disgracefully.    Since we always get to our appointments early, we got to see everyone come in, and there was Gordon.     He is 101.

Gordon the day after his birthday.
Gordon the day after his birthday.

This was the first time that I sat with someone as old as 101.  The thing this was so fascinating is how alert, and agile this man of 101 was.  When he came into the senior center room, he bustled in put his bag down and started moving tables around.   Like he was a teenager.

When he sat down he saw my friend Golden and asked her if she was new to the group.    She said yes, and she started to talk to him, then he told her it was his birthday and he was 101 as of July, 25th.    Well, that is older the Golden and she was shocked.

Firstly, let me explain why she was shocked.    She was shocked because, she always thinks she’s the oldest person in the room, (93), which is pretty up there, and when she saw how mobile he was she thought well if he can do it then I can.    So it was motivating her to keep it pushin.    So she is ready to start getting her exercise going, which makes me happy.

I have learned so much about how important older people are since becoming her caregiver and spending so much time with her.    What I’m learning mostly, is that THERE IS NO EXCUSE, not to stay fit and healthy, other than the fact that you might be the only one left standing in the end.    Gordon, had 3 children but has lost 2 of them already.   Which is kind of sad but, kind of makes sense, I mean my goodness, he’s 101!    Golden my friend has an amazing mind, and she motivates me, to be like her someday.    I hope I live as long as she has and as happy.   I love you Golden, and happy birthday Gordon. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Golden cleaning her bird cage, and walking doing her exercise.
Golden cleaning her bird cage, and walking doing her exercise.

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