2 Guns, tried so hard to be a bromance

Washington and Walberg
Washington and Walberg

I went to see this movie last night, and right off the bat I give it a C+, and, I’m being nice here, because I’ve liked Walberg, Boogie Nights, more in each film I’ve watched him in.   Well I should say, since the debacle of the movie, The Happening.   I liked him in 2 Guns, as well.

This was a cridramedy.   Crime, drama, and comedy.

It had lots of moments and decently written dialog, good actors, but the story went everywhere and never decided on just where to end up.

Walberg was more convincing in this role than Washington, Flight, Dejavu.   Speaking of Dejavu, Paula Patton, Mission Impo

ssible: Ghost Protocol, unfortunately was just a pretty face here.

She reminds me a lot of actors like Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, who they use when they want to be safe but, exotic and not statement makers.   Even though all these women would call themselves black actresses.  That’s what I love about indie-films, they GO THERE, and aren’t safe like big budget flicks.   Or they at least have a conversation about inter-racial relationship, believe me people, they happen!!! 

Umm, I think I just went off point…

Patton and Washington
Patton and Washington

So the story goes like this: 2 guys are partners and need to get the money to the big bad guys, they get hoodwinked by each other and so the story goes.   It was nice to see James Edward Olmos, Miami Vice, Blade Runner, in the movies again.   Bill Paxton, Weird Science and Aliens, was interesting.

I’m still not sure where this movie was trying to go, sequel maybe?   NOT, I hope?  ***Safety Alerts*** all over this flick, for the dubious relationship that Denzel has with Paula Patton, and the extreme violence and language, as well skin scenes.   I was hoping for more and kind of disappointed in what I got.   This movie is rated R. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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