The Smartphone Chronicles

Boxed Blu Music Dash
Brand New Boxed Smartphone

I wish I had known how hard it would be to buy my first smartphone.  I held out for at least 3 years, before breaking down and buying one.   However, when my cheapy cell phone with 1.3 mega pixels, started shorting out, I knew it was time to put it to rest.

I didn’t want to do it but my options were becoming very limited.  My daughter suggested I get a fairly inexpensive one, that was unlocked, then I could stay within my monthly charge range.

So I did some research, and I mean some real research, and came up with this one.   For all the investigating I had to do, I should have been paid for this.   First, having to find a good unlocked carrier, then to find the entry-level smartphone.   Nothing state of the art, just simple.

My daughter did say I did pretty well on my own, and that my phone was considered a gamer phone.   (I have no idea what that means, I just shook my head, like I did).   No Iphone business, just simple and easy to use.   Then my daughter said something about data, so I can go online, sheesh, more to think about.   Wow, after all was said and done I feel like I pro.

I’m jazzed about what I came up with, a new manufacturer, that’s based in the U.S., I didn’t have to buy directly from china all though I’m sure it was built there.   Which means it came in the mail quickly.   Fairly easy to config, wow, look at me, using tech words, and the best part, EASY TO INSTALL THE SIM CARD!!!

Blu Music Dash
Blu Music Dash

Oh and did I mention I got everything at the eBay store, the phone, the carrier sim card, everything.   It also came with a case cover.   Now, my cell phone pics will be 2.0 mega pixels, I know that’s not much better than I had but good enough to take flowers, and I can get wordpress on this phone, something I couldn’t do before.   So I’m happy!!! 🙂 Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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