Sytycd: season 10 epi 15

Season's 10 top 6:Aaron, Jasmine, Fik Shun, Amy, Paul, and Hayley./photo:
Season 10 top 6:Aaron, Jasmine, Fik Shun, Amy, Paul, and Hayley./photo:

So the new format for this show is great, everything happens in one night, instead of the 2.  Which means, you only have to dedicate 2 hours to the show.  Since I cannot make long commitments to TV, the new concept works out great for me.

When by rule you’re not a TV watcher, and you have to spend too much time watching it, you start to get antsy.   That’s why I love the internet, because you can watch a lot of you favorites shows online.  With little or no commercials.

Anyway, since this new format and concept, I think it’s given the show new life, oh, also since one of the judges from previous season’s stepped down, because she was too harsh on the dancers.   Plus, her talent is in choreography, not judging.   I think I can re commit to watching it again.

This episode means it’s down to the top 6 dancers now, which I pretty much predicted would make the cut.   However, I wasn’t expecting Nigel to allow the all-stars to choreograph, and dance with the contestants.   That made it especially interesting to watch.   This was a treat to see, Travis Wall, danced and choreographed, but then a lot of other newbie all-stars as well.

I was especially jazzed about Mark Kanemura, an all-star from season 5, his dance style was new and eccentric, working for Lady Gaga probably didn’t hurt either, being kinda quirky already.   I really appreciate the show giving these dancer opportunities to develop into all they can be.   It makes the show exciting to watch.   I’m definitely pleased that they have ameliorated the level of the show, which needed a make over.   They just weren’t getting it right in passed seasons.   So I’m glad they are now, well done sytycd. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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