Going To The Library

Library day friday
Maidu Library, Roseville, CA.

Why is going to the library such an interesting experience these days?   It use to be that when you went, you needed to know a lot about the books you wanted and the author before getting there.    It made going their kind of a chore.

Especially if it was for a report for school, or any kind of research.   Basically you had to research before you got to the library, through other means.   Now, these days all you need is access to a computer, and all your questions are answered, especially where book reports are concerned or any kind of research.

The internet has literally almost put libraries out of business, the only thing a computer cannot offer is the atmosphere of a library, and the physical book, however, you can download most books online.

The only other thing the library can offer is access to the internet, that some people aren’t able to get or pay for.    Without internet access, I believe the library would close completely.    Also, the internet is available to people with no or limited mobile internet access, so you have the book access as well as library internet access, and putting the two together gives an extreme amount of information at your disposal.

Not to mention, how much fun it is to go to the library, you don’t even have to be quiet like in the old days, when you couldn’t speak above a whisper.

Also, the kid section of the library is awesome too, because you can expose your children to reading in a really interesting way, something you can’t do on a computer, or even buying a few books.   Also, borrowing the books instead of buying is still a great idea.

I really hope they don’t ever close and I also hope we as a country start reading books again. Shazza ~  Musings&Rants

Another view.
Another view, look how empty what a shame.

2 thoughts on “Going To The Library

    • Yes I go every Friday. I love the library too, it was always a treat to go as a kid. I guess I never got over it. Now in the kids section of this library, they have games and things kids can climb on. Just good fun memories at the library. Thanks for the comment.


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