Changing Phone Service

Two months ago I bought a new unlocked phone.   Last month I had att phone service, this month I changed it to T mobile.   Since changing from one service to another I must say, having the freedom to do that is AMAZING.   However, don’t let anyone tell you T mobile has better service because they don’t.

To my dismay, I cannot connect to anyone when I get home unless maybe if I go into the middle of my street and dial, maybe. I’m horrified by this.   Had I known I wouldn’t have this service, I thought they were the same and didn’t check.   The good thing is that I can change it at anytime if I want to spend another 40 or so bucks to do it.

That’s the rub, you must check to make sure you have good service in your area, if not, then you have to go with a service that is more compatible with your home area.

I’m happy to say that even though this is a bit of a headache, I’m still super jazzed that I don’t have to have a contract and I have more control over where and with whom I spend my money.    GSM phones or unlocked phones as people call them, are extremely user-friendly, CDMA phones or locked phones on the other hand, are very limited in what you can do, as far as adding free ringtones, and unique text notifications or changing phone carriers. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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