The Story Of Luke

Lou Taylor Pucci as Luke

This movie was exceptional!!!    WOW, the actor playing the leading role was meticulous in his interpretation of a young man with autism, he was very lightly autistic.   Lou Taylor Pucci, Thumbsucker, and Evil Dead, played it brilliantly!   It’s unfortunate, when you never hear about exceptional depth full movies and acting.    This movie was out last year sometime, I stumbled upon it myself.   All the actors in this flick were amazing, right down to the actors with one or two lines.    I don’t know anything about the writer/director, Alonso Mayo.    But, no matter he should have a bright career, in film if he keeps making them like this.

The only familiar faces in the movie were Lou, and actor Cary Elwes, Princess Bride, Robin Hood Men In Tights, who has had an interesting career,  but he doesn’t play the leads to much in movies, but he’s definitely a working actor.   Oh and Seth Green, Family Guy, Robot Chicken. 

This movie has everything, comedy, drama, romance.    It was awkward like the lead character, but very soulful.    I watched it late and couldn’t pull my eyes away.    This movie get’s an A but since it’s not in the theater’s anymore, I have to give it a B.   It’s one that you wish wouldn’t end, you really wanted to see this young man, become the man he want’s to be.

The story of luke/photo:
The Story of Luke/photo:

Without giving too much away it’s about a young autistic man who is ready to be an adult that is normal.   He is a wonderful person with an awesome spirit.   He’s raised, by his grandma and grandpa, abandoned by his mom, and since the grandma has passed away, he’s now being cared for by his uncle.

One other honorable mention is of the actor playing the wife of the uncle,  Kristin Bauer van Straten, True Blood,  The Secret Life of An American Teenager, she was exceptional and I can’t say I’ve ever seen her in a movie before.   Although, her IMDb, is filled with TV work, but that makes sense, since I don’t watch TV that much.   So, if you want to watch a feel good movie, and see brilliant acting watch this, YES IT’S THAT GOOD. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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