Stumbling On Greatness…

I just said that to a blog buddy that I just got to know. She is a wonderful photographer with, it seems, natural talent. It made me think of my mama, as I was looking at her pics because my mom had a natural eye and these pics remind me of her.

Which then makes me kind of sad, because my mama has been gone for almost 20 years dying very young, and I miss her horribly.   Anyway, back to NW Frame of Mind, she has a wonderful eye, she lives in a beautiful place, and I love it through her pics.

I hope you all take a look at her work, it’s just wonderful and I love when I’m not looking really, it just happened to be that she likes my silly random posts, so I said let me see what her blog is all about.   So what do I find?   Loveliness, her blog is auspicious, it shows her love for creation, and family, please stop by her page and see for yourself.  I love giving shout out’s to bloggers that are eye-catching and show a love for life and the place they live!!!   Sorry I don’t have pics but go to her site and see what I mean. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

4 thoughts on “Stumbling On Greatness…

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