The Butler

Forrest Whitaker/
Forest Whitaker/

I liked this movie a lot, I thought it explained a lot about domestic service and how honorable it really was, and is.   Forest Whitaker, Last King Of Scotland, was very good in this movie, as was Oprah, A Color Purple, and she’s not one of my favorite celebrities.  I think both these actors did exceptionally well, with the material they were given.

Since this story isn’t a biography, it still gave a face to what that movement might have been like for black people on a personal level.  The struggle that black people went though, during the civil rights movement, especially in the south.

Some other very nice stand out performances were, David Oyelowo, Jack Reacher, Cuba Gooding Jr, Shadow Boxer, Lenny Kravits, and especially Terrence Howard, Iron Man.   This might be the best ensemble cast I’ve seen so far this year.   Very good writing, and the story kept moving forward, covering a good bit of time.

The story is based on a real person, but the events didn’t necessarily happen the way the movie portrayed them. This, story followed a butler, from his young beginnings during intense racial oppression, about 30 year after slavery was abolished.

I think they told the story with class, and showed the nuances of human kindness even amongst the harshest realities of that period.  I was also relieved that it wasn’t preachy, and did a fare portrayal of all involved.   I give this one a B+, for good writing and directing, by Lee Daniels, Precious and Shadow Boxer, as well as acting.  Some language, but definitely something you can see with your older children, PG 13. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “The Butler

    • Yes, I think this one is very note worthy, and I’m not one for period pieces about slavery, unless there was a book written from that time period. I really can’t wait to see, 12 Years A Slave, which comes out in the fall or winter, it’s autobiographical, and that’s more my idea of a good period story. Thanks for the comment, Lisa.


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