The Ladybug Get’s Her License At 22!!!

Lani with her drivers licensce
Lani in her dorm taking a pic with her DL.

Wow, this chapter has taken quite a long time to close, it’s been a long time coming. And the most interesting part is, that it took the both of us to make it happen.    How, you might wonder?   Well it took me not complaining that she should be driving already, and her deciding she was finally ready to make it happen.

I have such new found respect for what my mother had to go through allowing me to drive, even if I basically knew how before I got my license, umm, but that is for another post.

Now we are completely done with childhood I think, she has graduated to that womanly status in my mind.  Although, now I will worry about her driving by herself, at age 22.  Where, usually you worry when they are driving at 16/18.   Late bloomers are a funny breed, it’s like they’re stuck in a time warp.  Everything happens in slow motion, where most children are trying desparately to become adults quickly.  Sometimes, you get one that is just going to take their time and not rush it, this is my daughter. When she was ready to learn she was ready, but if you rush her she will just take longer.

I’m not complaining because there are some very good reasons to not rush to adulthood, and I appreciate her taking her time for the most part.  But, on occasion, it was just awkward, trying to explain why I had to drop her off, because she wasn’t driving yet.

My daughter has always been one of those to do things differently, not following the trend, even in driving.  I’m thankful, for her ability to not care what other’s think about the things she does, or doesn’t do.  She’s definitely not a people pleaser, which is a good trait, and I’m grateful.  Anyway, congrats darlin, you did what you needed to do, and I’m so glad you took your time doing it. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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