Hanoverian Horse Confirmation

Little Susy's horse.
Little Susy’s 1st place horse.

I went to my first horse confirmation, these horses were beautiful.  It was kinda of like going to a dog show but more casual, dusty and buggy.  These horses are bred for equestrian riding.   What was fun is, I know the owner of the ranch sponsoring the confirmation, as well as some of it’s first place winners.  Which made it more exciting.

Here is one of the horses that won a first place ribbon for excellent breeding.   This also, happens to be the ranch owner’s daughter’s beautiful specimen.

I learned about how important this kind of horse breeding is, and they showed so many steps to the breeding process, from showing horses, then, horses and their babies.   Too, how they handle on an equestrian course, as well as, branding, and, collect sperm samples, to make more horses.   I didn’t stay for that sample section of the confirmation, or the branding section, I saved that for the horse connoisseurs.

The chestnut philly being sold.
The chestnut philly being sold.

Here is a pic of a baby who was 4 months old and as cute as ever, she kept sniffing me.   She also, was being sold to an 18 year old girl who just graduated from school and was going off to college.   I was so excited for her and her new baby philly.   This is also a very lucrative business and the mom of the girl buying the baby said, she couldn’t afford an adult, but could afford a baby.  I think the baby horse will be much more fun, to raise up and maybe breed one day.

Stamp on my hand of the Hanoverian brand.

It was a bit overwhelming, all the things to learn, but I think did pretty well, taking it all in.   Here’s a pic of the Hanoverian brand on my hand.   This is just a stamp but they brand this mark on the baby horses, after they are confirmed.   How sad and painful that must be, which is why I didn’t stay for that aspect of the show.  Ok well there you have it, inside a horse confirmation. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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