Prisoners, Locked me In

Hugh Jackman/photo:
Hugh Jackman/photo:

Going to see Prisoners, I knew was going to be pretty dark, and seeing it on a rainy day just made it even creepier. I must say, that being in a situation where your child is kidnapped seems like the worst kind of hell, because of the not knowing. I couldn’t imagine this kind of torture.

Which is what this flick was about, 2 little girls are kidnapped, and Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, and Terrence Howard, The Butler, are the fathers of the victims.  Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Darko, plays the detective trying to find the girls.

Jake Gyllenhaal/photo:
Jake Gyllenhaal/photo:

I need to say right here, that I almost by passed this film up, because I didn’t think Hugh was a very convincing actor.  Well, I have since changed my opinion of him.  He was excellent, I believed him, this is a man who took matters in his own hands, good or bad.  And he should get an Oscar nod for his performance, if not the Oscar.  I also, liked the way Gyllenhaal played it, mostly, his acting wasn’t to any degree as good as Hugh here, but he was a good second.  Hugh however, has been the best acting I’ve seen this year, just brilliant. Ok, enough.

Having stated that, I don’t want to give too much away, but, this is a must see, I give it an A, it’s that good.  Or should I say Hugh Jackman is that good! Wow, I said it again. I was also impressed with the art direction, of the film, because it imitated the tone of the movie perfectly.  Very cold, dark, and creepy, lot’s of snow, and rain, cloudy gloomy colors, also lot’s of dirt, which made it become its own character in the movie. There are some pretty disturbing images, and is not a movie for young children.  Older children however, may do well to see this one, with all the kidnapping going on recently.  Those are the actors that stood out the most, and everyone else was okay. This movie is rated R. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

8 thoughts on “Prisoners, Locked me In

  1. Sharon, love the new look of the blog. Really awesome artistically. Thanks for the post on this movie. I saw the trailer the other day and would love to see it too but I KNOW that I can’t handle it right now. I would be tempted to become totally paralyzed with fear for my daughters. Dang, it’s too bad really because it looks great and I love Hugh Jackman. Still, I appreciated the post. Can you message me if it had a good ending?


    • Hey Kelly Kel, I didn’t remember you were on here thanks for the compliment about my new blog design, I love changing it, I change it all the time.

      To answer your question, it sort of had a good ending, but still very unsettling. I would wait to see this one on DVD. It might be to heavy right now. Blessings girl miss you. Sharon.


    • Oh yes, I understand your hesitation, maybe see this one on dvd then, it might make it easier to control what you can or want to see. It’s not that graphic but it’s an emotional ride. Thanks for commenting, Connie.


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