Runner, Runner, Was A Modern Boiler Room

Affleck, and Timberlake?
Affleck, and Timberlake/

This movie reminded me of how not to write a script, it had a few good lines and really good music, but the movie was stale and this premise overused, and written better in other movies. Which is why I mentioned Boiler Room, which came out 13 years ago and guess who was in it? Ben Affleck. Which is one of the main characters in this one and Justin Timberlake was still part of En Sync at that time.

So here’s the premise, poor Princeton college student, Justin Timberlake, encourages online gambling, and decides, to put his whole savings on the line, to pay for this college tuition, and when he get’s hoodwinked by the online gambling site, he goes to see the head guy, Ben Affleck, to get his money back.

One of the main reasons I went to see this movie is because of Justin, he’s what you call in the entertainment world, a triple threat.   Which indicates he’s a decent actor, singer, and dancer.  So, why didn’t this story work for him?  Because, the writing was mediocre, at best.  When you have good actors and no story it’s going to be a disaster, and that’s what happened here, and there were no special effects to give the movie any other kind of credit.

Justin, and Gemma/
Justin, and Gemma/

At least in some of my other reviews with this same problem, World War Z, for instance, you had eye pleasing special effects, here the movies strength should have been in the writing, directing, and acting.  The acting managed to stand out with Ben, and Justin, but the female lead, Gemma Arterton, Hansel & Gretel, was just eye candy, and seemed uncomfortable from the first frame she was in to the last.

I also should give kudos to the secondary actors, all were interesting, and the soundtrack by Beck was nice.  So it wasn’t a complete wash but I definately would say wait for the DVD on this one, for sure, which means my grade is C.  It just wasn’t that interesting and I couldn’t really rally around the protagonist or the antagonist at all. This movie is rated R. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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