Captain Phillips, Wins Big At The End…

Tom Hanks/
Tom Hanks/

Sometimes you watch a movie about a true story and you regret the memories of the real event, other times you watch one and think wow, this is a very human and touching story.

This is the human, touching one.  I am always reluctant to see movies with big named mega stars like Tom Hanks, Big, because he’s so famous and it’s hard for him to hide behind his character, which constantly reminds you that your watching a movie.

Here, it pretty much happened again, until the movie was almost over.  His acting ameliorated, and I understood why he gets the big bucks, and gets to play these kind of roles.  He’s just very likable, and his humanity comes through in this one, for sure.

The story is about a cargo ship that is making its way through highly pirated waters along the coast of Africa, and gets hijacked.  Hanks in this role laid low for most of the film, he didn’t do too much acting other than to look scared, til the last 30 minutes of the movie.   Then he put his acting pants on, and went to work.  The story was mostly about the hijackers, which I must say were excellent, and nice to see unknown actors from Somalia do such a good job playing scary pirates.

Tom Hanks?
Tom Hanks and cast/

I also, liked how they showed our military in a nice light.  It made them seem like true hero’s and very serious about their work.  But the main credit goes to the end of the movie, I won’t say more you will see what I’m mean, I will say it was very tender.  So, I give this movie a B+, I think it would be better to watch at your leisure since it’s a drawn out story, but very much worth seeing.  This movie is rated PG13. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Movie theater sign.
Movie theater sign.

8 thoughts on “Captain Phillips, Wins Big At The End…

  1. I loved this movie, but even more, I loved the behind the scenes footage (which is extensive). I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, I would just highly suggest watching the making of the film in order to thoroughly appreciate it. Who knows, you might even decide to give an A or A+ afterward. 🙂


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