Requiem For A Dream

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I watched this movie tonight and to my surprise thought it was interesting.  I thought I was going to hate it, and didn’t, I struggle with movies about people choosing to destroy there lives because they can. Human indulgence and pleasure addicts.  However, all of us are that way at times, just not to the degree as portrayed in this movie, hopefully.

The story was about 4 people with addictions, for one it was food, and for 3 others just get rich quick and keep doing drugs.  Ellen Burstyn, Excorcist, was excellent in the role as the food addicted mother, I love when actors don’t play it safe, and put it all out there, for their performance. She was the real deal in this movie.  And most of her scenes were by herself, which was amazing!!!

Jared Leto, Panic Room, is a pretty good character actor, and not just a pretty face.  He really does have some acting chops.  And played her drug addicted son well.  It was also interesting to see Marlon Wayans, Scary Movie, play a straight role (not funny).  As the son’s drug friend and partner in crime.

The soundtrack is famous, maybe more famous than the movie, and it’s amazing, creepy and perfect for the story.  The director, Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan, had many different things going on in the film which at times confused me but not enough to make it impossible to watch.  It just jumped around a bit, but was still interesting.  Ellen Burstyn was just exceptional as a lonely older lady with a son who was squandering his life away.  She was pretty much at her wit’s end and turned to drugs almost unknowingly.

Everyone was looking for validation and not finding it.  So they chose to do what was easy, and turned to drugs, and somehow by the good writing, and directing, I was rooting for all these characters, to get better, as they made attempts.  I rallied around them and wanted to see them succeed.  Which doesn’t usually happen to me with this downtrodden material.  So, this movie gets a C++ for making me care, and because it’s not still in theaters of course, so no B. This is a note worthy movie, for the cautionary tale of why you don’t want to take drugs. ***Safty Alerts, are everywhere, from language on down.*** This movie is rated R. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “Requiem For A Dream

  1. Outstanding film, so stirring and sad… The character of the mother of the young guy is so well played and I broke on tears when I saw that movie…

    Thanks for sharing;

    Aquileana 🙂


    • Yes, I agree, I think she stole the whole movie. It was interesting how at the beginning of the movie I wasn’t that into it but as it went on I couldn’t pull my eyes away. Thanks for the comment, and following my blog. 🙂



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