Golden In Action

Golden waving at me while she gets set for her first shot.
Golden waving at me while she gets set for her first shot.

I was super juiced today because I got to go on a photo shoot with the lady I care give for. Golden was a model for a UC Davis Nursing School catalog.  At 93 years young, she was in rare form while the photographer took shots of her.  And in this digital age, I could see what the shots would look like in the printed ad almost as soon as he clicked the camera.

photo shoot 1
The photographer is the man in the middle of this pic with the white hair.

With absolutely no make up on and just a bit of brushing of her hair, Golden was camera ready, the photographer was amazing at disarming her and making her feel comfortable as he talked to her about Sweden her place of origin.  He talked to her about the food, and the names of the places he had been while he was there.  And as he talked, he snapped the camera and made her laugh and smile, etc.  He also put on some classical music and told her to close her eyes and imagine Sweden.

It was kind of like watching an artist paint but with a camera instead of a brush.  He was very good at his craft and Mormor is good at hers.  I can’t say enough about the experience but it was lovely to witness.

Mormor means mother’s, mother in Swedish, her nickname, and Golden is her real name.  Just a little more about Mormor, she is an american citizen, via Sweden, coming here when she was just 4 years old on a ship with her mom, and dad.  She actually has her name on the plaques at Ellis island, in 1924.  As she speaks fluent Swedish. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pics of the photos, but when I saw what it would look like I nearly started crying.  A flood of emotion came over me and I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked.  I was stunned because with all her glorious years on her face, she looked so stunning, her wrinkles showed which gave the pictures so much depth, and you could see real honesty in the photos and in her face.  I can’t really describe, what that looked like, but it made me feel so good about the aging process, and that it is alright to have lines, and wrinkles, and still be beautiful.  I think that humanity came out from within her and shined through the camera lens, it truly caught me off guard.

Look at the camera arsenal.
Look at the camera arsenal.

I thank God for her wonderful spirit, and zeal for life, she just leaves me speechless sometimes.  Thank you Mormor for just being you!!! Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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