Hemsworth, and Bruhl/photo:
Hemsworth, and Bruhl/photo:

So I went to see Rush a few weeks back but wasn’t going to do a review about this movie because I didn’t know enough about formula one racing.  But with Holistic Journey’s urging I decided to do one. Her blog is great by the way.

Okay, well I thought the movie was pretty interesting, I liked the acting very much.  The actors were pretty spot on as far as looking like the real people.  I have been impressed with Chris Hemsworth, Perfect Getaway, Avengers, his acting is quite believable, he doesn’t seem to be just a pretty face.  Maybe his face is a little more rugged looking than most pretty boy actor faces?  I’m not sure, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  He also does a pretty good american accent when it’s called for, being that he’s Australian.  However, in this movie he plays a Brit.

Daniel Bruhl the actor who played his rival, was spot on for the Lauda character. The resemblance was so uncanny, it was almost creepy.  His acting was also very good, better even than Hemsworth because his role called for more ambiguity, it wasn’t as straight forward as Hemsworth’s character.

Anyway, the story is about 2 formula one rival race car drivers, who are very different in personality, and drive.  Niki Lauda and James Hunt.  James was the good-looking, free wheeling, and womanizing.  Luada, was the serious, overachiever, with a lot to prove to everyone.  Both seemed to be passionate about racing, but Lauda was more sensible, and introspective.  Where as, Hunt was portrayed as someone who didn’t really care about anything too much accept beating Lauda.

The real Nikki Luada and James Hunt/photo:
The real Niki Luada and James Hunt/photo:

It was compelling that the movie concentrated more on Lauda than on Hunt, because when you see the poster and trailer, you assume the movie is about Hunt.  That, however didn’t disappoint me because, what Lauda went through was more intriging than Hunt’s story.  I guess marketing called for the more attractive guy to be the poster boy, in this scenario.  I did also enjoyed all the slow motion camera stuff and the special effects when it came time for car crashes. Ron Howard’s directing, A Beautiful Mind, The De Vinci Code, was very convincing, showing what happens to someone who gets burned. Those images were very powerful and disturbing. To sum this all up, I give this movie a B, note worthy especially the acting done by Daniel Bruhl, Insidious Bastards, Bourne Ultimatum. This movie is rated R. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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  1. Thanks for the reference, Shazza. I don’t know why I didn’t get the pingback. Btw, you might want to link not to my home page but to my Lauda post link. Just tap on that post on my site, and copy and paste that URL. Though you don’t have to.

    Fun review. I thought the transformations in Hunt’s character was portrayed beautifully and poignantly.

    (Please delete this part of comment:”impulsive driver, and Luada” – you want to respell…and overachiever is one word. =) )


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