Gravity, Weighed Heavy On Me

Bullock & Clooney/photo:
Bullock & Clooney/photo:

Sandra Bullock, Miss Congeniality, The Heat, was amazing in this role, this movie is the first movie I’ve seen her in that I’ve liked in a very long time, maybe since Speed!  Having said that, George Clooney, Ocean’s Eleven, Solaris, was doing some of his best acting, as well.

Which segue’s into the story premise, about 2 astronauts one on their first tour of duty, Bullock and the other on their last, Clooney.   As they are almost finished with this mission and working to repair their satellite, they get word that they are in for some debris falling from another satellite that just exploded, and it’s coming at them fast, and furiously.  As they try to get back into the satellite to get out of the way, they get caught in the debris and so the story ensues.

This movie was so good from all the dialog, to the wonderful cinematography, and art direction.  I really believed they were in space.  It was just amazing to see the imagery, it made me want to go to space, and I don’t even like to fly.

I just enjoyed everything about this movie, the directing, Alfonso Cuaron, Children Of Men, was superb at convincing me what I was seeing was real.  It doesn’t hurt that he and son wrote the script either.  I also, really get excited, when directors from other countries get attached to american movies, it gives our country some depth, because we can draw from everywhere to see good work getting produced for our entertainment.

This movie gets a A, theater worthy, see this in the theater it’s that good.  This movie is rated PG13. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

8 thoughts on “Gravity, Weighed Heavy On Me

  1. While the movie was absoloutely stunning, I still couldn’t help but think that the script really weighted it down. However, that’s why Bullock is so good in this role, you care for her regardless of what the script is trying to tell you. You just do. Good review.


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