Ender’s Game, Held My Attention To The End

Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford/photo: hollywoodreporter.com
Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford/photo: hollywoodreporter.com

The Ender’s Game was compelling even though it was predictable.  It was entertaining, although, I think this is a movie that we have already seen.   It reminded me of Bad News Bears, but in space.   What I mean by that is, it had the formulated story.   A boy who is cleaver and misunderstood, tries to fit in but has trouble keeping his cool.   He meet’s a sort of father figure, Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, who takes Ender, under his wing to hone in his skills and intelligence to make him a warrior.   And his enemies are aliens from another planet who Harrison wants dead.

The whole being misunderstood story has been done in so many ways that it’s hard to see it as fresh and exciting.   I really did like the young actors in the movie, it was nice to see some fresh new faces, that weren’t cursing out adults and being disrespectful.   However, the main character playing Ender Wiggans, Asa Butterfield, Boy In The Striped Pajama’s, Hugo, had some pretty messed up diction because he’s a British actor, trying to sound American.   I couldn’t understand him all that well at the beginning of the movie, but by the end he got better.

Steinfield, and Butterfield/photo: cnn.com
Steinfeld, and Butterfield/photo: cnn.com

I must say, I’m very bored with Harrison Ford’s acting, he is the same guy in almost every movie he’s in, using the same facial expression and no range of emotion.   I would have loved to see another actor play that role, maybe Jeff Bridges, or his brother Beau.  Just anybody else.   Ben Kingsley, Gandhi, Hugo, was pretty much a cameo appearance, but extremely good.   I wished he had been in the movie more, his character was interesting and he kind of stole Harrison’s glory.

This movie had some good things in it so I will give it a Note Worthy, score of B.   Also, this is one to see in 3D although I don’t know if it’s showing in 3D? Rated PG13, but family friendly. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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