Dallas Buyer’s Club Wasn’t A Club At All

dallas b c
Matthew McConaughey/photo: screencrush.com

Wow, Matthew McConaughey’s, Killer Joe, Mud, acting has become something of a surprise.   I really like when actors work goes from mediocre to brilliant.   Which has happened to a lot actors in my demographic in the last few years.   Speaking about people like Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, and Matthew McConaughey.  Most of whom would be considered baby boomers/Gen Xers and for a while in their youth, did a lot of silly commercial movies, but in the last year or so have been given roles with some depth and bite.

Which makes going to the movies these days fun and surprising, as well as fresh.

The premise of this movie is based on a true story of Ron Woodroof , a very promiscuous womanizer, electrician, and gambler, gets injured on the job, and end’s up in the hospital, and while he’s unconscious he’s tested for AIDS.  So when he comes to he’s told that he has this disease, and so the story goes.  Being a raging homophobic, he decides to take on the FDA, and fight to get the drugs he needs to live longer than, the 30 days the diagnoses doctor gives him.

This acting was exceptional, not just because he lost a lot of weight to play the character but because he was great at being utterly unlikable through most of the flick.  Rude, crass and generally mean-spirited, he made you care about his plight.  He also, did an about-face from what he was to what he became by the movies end.   I love when movies show a progression of change in a character, and Matthew does it well.  I think this will give him his first or second Oscar nod in the best actor category.  As well as giving AIDS a heterosexual face which it already has but, is always good to remind the public about.

Jared Leto/photo: filmofila.com
Jared Leto/photo: filmofila.com

Jared Leto, Fight Club, Chapter 27, who has a pretty face but tries his best to hide it in character acting must get an honorable mention in the supporting actor role.   Playing a transgender person infected with AIDS.  He played this role very understated, and he didn’t steal the show but almost.  This movie gets a B+, very note worthy, but it also get’s a ***Safety Alert*** for lots of gratuitous sex scenes, language, and recreational drug use.  This movie is rated R. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “Dallas Buyer’s Club Wasn’t A Club At All

  1. Is totally worth seeing, especially for both Leto and McConaughey’s wonderful performances. They really do carry this on their gaudy shoulders, and make it worth everybody’s while. Good review Shazza.


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