Oldboy 2013**

J. Brolin as Joe Doucett/photo:insidemovies.ew.com
J. Brolin as Joe Doucett/photo: insidemovies.ew.com

After watching Oldboy 2013, I decided I would try to only base my opinion of this movie on this movie, and not compare it to the original Korean film noir classic, which came out in 2003.

Having made that statement, this will be kind of difficult, so here we go.   First, Josh Brolin, Gangster Squad, Men In Black 3, has never been one of my favorite actors, however, in this film he was extremely interesting to watch.   Mostly, because of the anticipation of this flick, also because Spike Lee, Do The Right Thing, Inside Man, is a great director of other people’s work and not necessarily his own.   What I mean by that is, he normally writes and directs his own material, but on occasion he will direct another’s material and perhaps because he is not so close to it, he can get out of its way and allow his directing to ameliorate the material .

The story plot is about, a very unlikable guy Joe Doucett, Brolin, who disappears for 20 years, and while his disappearance is really an imprisonment, when he’s finally let free he seeks revenge on his captures.   The only problem is, he doesn’t have any idea who his captures are.   So the movie, seeks to answer some very key questions about that and a few others.

Now, I saw the original film, and I must say that this film is an homage to the first film.   Which should have made this film more palatable to people who have seen the original.  However because the filmmakers didn’t advertise this film in that way, and called it the same name as the original, it is unfairly compared to the original. And I think it gets a raw deal and not given a fair assessment, based solely on its own merit.  And, I guess in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have reviews, or critiques of movies, etc…

I liked this movie, I thought the acting was good, I thought the story had flare, and the story didn’t lag.   However, the thing that bothered me about the story is the antagonist character.   Who, was too predictable, and one dimensional, he never surprised the audience and he was a sniveler, and wimpy.   Which didn’t match the rest of the story, being very violent, graphic, and in your face.   The super saturated colors of the film, served to exaggerate the gore, and made it more visceral.   As well as the costume design being very eclectic, when it came to some of the characters.

Director Spike Lee/photo: voxxi.com
Director Spike Lee/photo: voxxi.com

The directing style, had a comic book feel and reminded me a little of Tarentino  movies, however, if Spike Lee read this comparison he would probably scream.    So, what do I rate this movie?   I give it an A, basing that score solely on its own merit, not comparing it to its predecessor, and JB was the best thing about the movie, hands down.   ***Safety Alert*** language, sex, violence, subject matter and gore, with a dubious relationship, for added measure.   This movie is rated R. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “Oldboy 2013**

  1. Good review. The original is a hundred times better, no doubt should ever be made about that. However, this is still an interesting remake in the way it goes about telling its story, without necessarily sticking to the guns of the original story. Spike Lee changes some things up here and there, and they make the movie a bit more worth watching than any other remake I’ve seen in awhile.


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