Best Man Holiday

Perrineau, Diggs, and Howard/photo:
Perrineau, Diggs, and Howard, Best Man Holiday/photo:

This movie was much the same as most African-American movies, very canned and predictable, with a bit of cursing thrown in. And all by people you would think wouldn’t need to stoop to that level. Much of the movie rehashed a lot of stuff from the movie 10 years ago which I thought got worked out already.   Other than that, the movie was pretty stale but with some entertaining scenes.

So the story was about 8 or 9 people who were friends from the college years and since being in the professional world for the last 10 years decide to have a reunion.   Only to find out one of them is very ill and dying.   This get’s further complicated because the person is trying to keep it all a secret and eventually gets found out.

I was really hoping for more by the trailer but that’s how they get you.  Also, the movie 10 years ago was a lot better than this one.   This one was just sappy and sentimental.    Most of the actors in this and the original have done rather well as actors since the first movie so I couldn’t see who they were trying to push to the front of the pack in this film.   I think it was Taye Diggs, Baggage Claim, Equilibrium, maybe because he’s probably been working the longest out of the cast, then after him it was Terrance Howard, The Butler, Prisoners,  but neither of these roles were note worthy of their acting ability which makes me curious to why the sequel?    Maybe it was for the ol mighty dollar, or so everyone could see how well they looked after all these years.   Which I must say the all looked well, then again shouldn’t they since they are actors???

Okay, so this movie gets a C, for being watchable, outside of that, pretty mediocre, and disappointing.   ***Safety Alert***language, sex, and a bit of drug use.   This movie is rated R. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants