Frozen*, Didn’t Freeze Up

The cast of Frozen/photo:
The cast of Frozen/photo:

This Walt Disney production was well written and kept my interest.  Also, it was a treat to see it with a 3-year-old.

So the movie is about two sister’s one has magical powers and the other without.  Although, the filmmakers, never explain why or why not, it just is what it is.  The two girls grow up separated because the powers that the one sister’s has, nearly kills her sibling, and I guess the parents felt it was better to keep them apart, and not teach the magical power sister how to control her powers.  Anyway, their parents die in an accident, and when the girls  become adults, the older sister’s powers start to get stronger, and the younger sister has to figure out how to be her friend without getting hurt or killed by the older.

The movie had very catchy songs, and lot’s of cute characters, and the story didn’t feel vapid, or trite, even though it was a musical.  The songs seemed to flow easily into the story.  Also, the voice acting was very good.  Kristen Bell, was the lead voice actor and her voice flowed easily.

There is also something to be said for the antagonist not being extremely frightening but just mean-spirited which is pretty much how people really are and not usually diabolical.  Which can help a child learn how to deal or cope with mean people, specifically, other mean children.  So what do I give this cute little movie?  I give it a B+, it was very cute and had a reasonable moral to the story. This movie is family friendly, children as young as 3, can see this one, this movie is rated PG. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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