Out Of The Furnace, Was Pretty Chilly

Christian Bale/photo: joblo.com
Christian Bale/photo: joblo.com

Anticipating this movie was a real disappointment, because it was like a Greek, or Russian tragedy.  The story was downtrodden and depressing.  Not that every movie has to have a happy dappy ending, but boy after this flick, the audience should have had a dose of happy gas.

Two brothers, are struggling to make ends meet, working in a steel town that was once booming, but since steel is cheaper to get over sea’s, it has caused little to know jobs in the area.   The older brother, Russell, Bale, is content to work in the steel mill, and the other, Rodney, Affleck, is not.  With their father dying of cancer and jobs being scarce, Rodney, decides to box in bare knuckle fights to get by.  As the sympathetic Russell tries to help the younger financially, he gets himself into a bad situation, and ends up in prison for a while, and so the story goes.

The acting talent of Christian Bale, The Fighter, Dark Knight Rises, was very good, and as this actor matures in age, his work is becoming more note worthy and depth-full.  The same goes for Casey Affleck, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Tower Heist, his work is maturing along with him nicely too.

What’s been interesting is over the last 10 years, this new group of Generation X, 1965 to 1984, actors have been fortunate enough to continue to get roles that level up their careers, and they don’t get stagnant like, actors from the baby boom era, 1946 to 1964, and early generation x.  Or generation x’rs who peeked too early in their careers.  Most of these people peeked in the early 80’s and just fell off the grid by the mid to late 90’s.   Specifically, the brat pack group, like the Matt Dillon’s, the Alley Sheedy’s, Jud Nelson’s, even John Cusack, who have all but vanished in the last 10 years.  However, there are a few stragglers left like,Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Woody Harrelson, who have survived this unfortunate situation. 

Woody Harrelson/photo: twichfilm.com
Woody Harrelson/photo: twichfilm.com

This movie was a bit of a let down, but Woody Harrelson, White Men Can’t Jump, Hunger Games, has had a very nice working career. Not always having to be the big star, but takes a back seat at times.  Who never really was a teen actor, but who peeked early, was the brightest light shinning in this film.  Which gave the movie some flare.  He seems to be one of those special cases that keeps on coming. That can’t be boxed in, because he can play almost every kind of character.   Perhaps, because he started to peek on TV, and then went to film as he got older, and his TV career was over.  This has made his career thrive, and he plays a very good villain in this flick. The movie was interesting, and you were rooting for all the good characters in the movie, but there was just no light at the end of any of their tunnels.  All of them were victims of circumstance and just made you sad.

I give this movie a C+, there was some good acting, but the story just had a hopeless feel to it.  The art direction was good, and the soundtrack was right for the movie, I just like happier American endings.  This movie is rated R, for violence, and language. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

3 thoughts on “Out Of The Furnace, Was Pretty Chilly

  1. Good review. The movie definitely didn’t know what to talk about, so it just showed us some unsettling things. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t, but overall, the flick was pretty good, if not just forgettable by week’s end.


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