Matt Damon as Max/photo: rookerville.com
Matt Damon as Max/photo: rookerville.com

Matt Damon, Ocean’s Eleven, Behind The Candelabra, is a very good actor, very likable in most of his roles, and in this one he’s no different.  He plays a regular guy and he’s very accessible in his role, so much so, that he seems like he is the character he plays.  This acting style he has, really shows through here.  One other note, it took me a long time to see this movie because rotten tomatoes gave it such a bad score, but It was very watchable just not in theaters.

In 2154 there are two kinds of people, the have’s and the have not’s.  Max, is part of the have not’s and is just trying to eek out a living in the polluted environment he has to live in.  Meanwhile, at work he gets exposed to radiation, and only has five days to live.  His so-called medical help, says, there is nothing they can do and give him some pain meds.  So, instead of waiting to die, he decides to try to make it to the clean rich living environment called Elysium, where he can get cured of the radiation exposure, in a matter of minutes.

This is where Jodie Foster, Panic Room, Brave One, comes in, she runs the unpolluted environment and is trying to keep all the riff raff from the polluted planet out, but with a skirt and high heels on.  So what does she need?  Sharlto Copley, a demented mercenary, District 9, Oldboy, to take Matt out.

It was interesting to see Jodie in a co-starring role, it’s almost strange when you see that.  She’s a great actor but as a co-star she was awkward.   With her acting talents, she should have been more diabolical.   The movie was decent but the story was predictable and formulated.   There was nothing new happening in it, predictable villains and predictable hero.   Special effects are good and it makes the sci-fi fans relatively happy, but it wasn’t exceptional.  However, you did find out that Matt and Jodie are both versed in other languages, Matt in Spanish, and Jodie in French, but then again, I already knew this.  I give this one a C, see it on DVD only.   I was hoping for something more like District 9, since it was the same writer/director Neill Blomkamp, but what I got, was an updated  robo cob from the 80’s.  Ok, that might be a little too strong but it was just ok. This movie is rated R for violence and language.  Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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