The Wolf Of Wall Street

Jonah Hill, Leo Di Caprio/photo:
Jonah Hill, Leo Di Caprio/photo:

The Wolf Of Wall Street, is old school Scorsese directing, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver.  Reminiscent of Raging Bull, very raw and in your face with loads of cursing and disturbing images.  With lots of unknown actors that just made it more interesting to watch.  Which is somewhat disappointing since there was nothing redeeming about the main character.

The story is about Jordan Belfort, Leo Di Caprio, Django Unchained, Titanic, who is fascinated with wall street, becoming a stock broker for a big firm, he begins to see that he is good at selling stock and making money. Just as he starts becoming very successful, the firm goes under because of a stock crash in the late 80’s and he becomes unemployed.  When he looks for another gig, he comes across a dilapidated office where these stock brokers start selling penny stocks.  Hoodwinking the business owners into stocks that are pretty much worthless.  Making a lot of money and disregarding any concern for the people he is scamming.

First, Leo D is excellent in this movie, he has a natural ability that compares to Robert De Niro’s performance in Raging Bull.  He also has comedic timing that is exceptional.   It would be nice to see his range come through in comedy a little more.  But, strictly from an artist’s viewpoint, to his canvas, Leonardo should win the Oscar for this performance.  Having seen lots of great performances this year, this one is the finest in the lead acting category.  Yes, even better than Hugh Jackman, in Prisoners, although very different. Leo D has lots of little nuances in his acting that are hard to articulate but that were very nicely fleshed out.

Perhaps, this is were Scorsese’s gifted directing shines and he’s able to bring this out in his actors, yes, perhaps.  Which is why this film is very much about Leo, conveying his craft through the lens of Scorsese, and making all involved look exceptionally bright.

Also, who else in the acting business can emote, a nervous breakdown better than Leo D?  He has a keen knack for losing it on camera, like no other.  And yet, there’s rumors, that he is extremely kind and professional behind the scenes.  Having said that, it’s great to hear about that contrast in an actor, it makes him more enjoyable to watch, to know that he’s nothing like the characters he portrays. And everyone knows he can play nasty characters.  Also, on a personal note, the other awesome thing is, he grew up in the same neighborhood I did in Los Angeles.

Leo D has a very distinguished career ahead of him, just as he has behind him, with a strategic hiatus after his big blockbuster Titanic.   That gave him an opportunity to settle into his adult skin, after being a very good kid to young adult actor.  Hat’s off to his brilliant agent.  Second, let’s not forget Jonah Hill, Super Bad, 21 Jump Street.  Who is a very choice second to Leo, who’s also very natural in his performance.  They rival the likes of, Robert Redford (Leo), and Dustin Hoffman (Hill) team up with very good bro-mantic chemistry on-screen. This flick gets an A in the acting category, and a C in the wait for the DVD, because of content.  Which averages out to a B~.

Now for ***safety alert*** sex, language, crass humor, nudity, drug abuse, dubious relationships, I could just go on and on here.  But just like Raging Bull, that was a rude movie portraying rude people.  This is definitely not a movie for kids 17 and under to see without a parent, or maybe even at all.  But if they do maybe as a parent, please go with them and discuss it with them, as a cautionary tale. This movie is rated R, for sexual content, and extreme language. Shazza ~ Musing&Rants

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