The Rose Parade 2014, and Hometown Glory

My favorite float of the parade!!!/photo:
My favorite float of the parade!!!/photo:

There is something to be said for being born and raised in one of the most popular states in the Union.

California is the place and the Rose Parade is the venue.  Wow, I haven’t seen the Rose Parade in years, since I moved away from Los Angeles back in 2007, I haven’t been that interested. But this year I sat and watched the parade on TV with my daughter and we loved it.  The picture above is what makes this parade better than most.  This float was so clever that it must get a special mention, Adventures In Space, was AMAZING!!! Imagination is still alive and kicking…take a look at this!!!

It was nice to watch the show on my new flat screen TV, and to see it in HD.  Who knew that would change the game in TV so much?  Anyway, I loved it and would like to actually buy tickets next year and see the parade in person again.  That would be lovely, I haven’t done that in years.

It’s funny how when you live locally in the place where these kinds of things happen every year you become immune to the hype of it all.  And then, when you don’t live locally you regain a new perspective on it and it becomes something you want to do because its gained it’s uniqueness again.  People are funny and fickle, myself included.  Anyway, I’m going to try to get down their next year for it because it would be exciting, also I miss seeing and smelling the beach so I’m going there as well on my next LA visit.  I miss you hometown, and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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