American Hustle 2013

Bale, Cooper, Adams, Renner, Lawrence/photo:
Bale, Cooper, Adams, Renner, Lawrence/photo:

American Hustle is a period piece that actually grasped the dress, and culture, of the 70’s.  The costume design and art direction really brought out the feel of that time period, with lighting and color.  Since growing up during that time, it was easy to identify whether or not is was factual.  It’s nice when a period production does its research.  With its low neckline halter top dresses, and long sideburns and oh so much polyester, as well as the horrible wood paneling house decor, it just screamed 1978. The only thing that might have not been spot on was, the women’s hairstyles, which would have been more Charlie’s Angels, Farrah Fawcett hair.

Having said that, that is the only thing interesting about this movie.  The story is about 2 con artists that are running a con on some unlikable characters, Christian Bale, American Psycho, The Fighter, and Amy Adams, The Fighter, Catch Me If You Can, are the con artistsand their marks are some obvious people, and some not so obvious people.  They have to pull their best con ever, to get out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves.

In contrast to The Wolf Of Wall Street, this film didn’t give anyone the opportunity to care about these character, so right from the start it was hard to get into this movie.  With The Wolf Of Wall Street, the main character was so despicable, it was hard to pull your eyes away.  And, it definitely caught the attention of the audience because of the main character’s lack of conscience from the start.  The two main characters in American Hustle were just desperate, and insecure.  So, the movie was a lot of seeing that for 2 hours and 18 minutes.  Then to add another level of annoying, was actor, Bradley Cooper, Place Beyond The Pines, Silver Lining Playbook. 

For whatever reason, here is a guy who is hard to take seriously, because he’s the same character in all his movies.  He lacks range, and the material he’s given is repetitive.  He’s always rambling but never saying anything interesting.  As for Jeremy Renner, Avengers, The Bourne Legacy, he was under used and should have had the part that Bradley played, which would have given the movie more flare.  It seriously tried too hard for raw and in your face, that it just came off as trite.  It even had a good cameo by Robert De Niro, Raging Bull, Last Vegas, and that didn’t fix it.  Although, Robert has still got it, he is so menacing on-screen even if he only has a few lines.  His mob boss is perfection, no one does it better than him.

Since this director David O. Russell, Silver Lining Playbook, The Fighter, likes to recycle certain actors over again in different movies, he’s unfortunately fixated on Cooper as his leading man, maybe it’s Cooper’s blue eyes, and that’s a bad choice in my opinion.

So, the score for this movie is C-, see it on DVD only, and maybe you will finish it.  As for ***Safety Alert*** here we go, dubious relationship a plenty, language, drug use, and some violence.  This movie is rated R. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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