Lone Survivor And Marky, Mark**

M. Wahlberg from the 90's/photo: USmagazine.com
M. Wahlberg from the 90’s/photo: USmagazine.com

Years ago who knew that Mark Wahlberg would/could be a household name, at his beginnings, Mark was out to be a Justin Beiber type of entertainer.  But here we are 20 years later and he has become something of a surprise standout leading actor, playing against the likes of Denzel Washington and other big names.

So here we have another war movie, but this time, it isn’t really about the politics of the war, but just the men who were caught in this specific conflict and how beautifully well they managed themselves in it.  4 men, faced with a moral decision and survival decision.  It’s interesting how sometimes doing the right thing doesn’t always seem to pan out in the end on the surface, but doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.

Every actor in this movie did a good job, playing their part, they were all Navy Seals and were on a special ops mission to get Osama’s right hand man.  Although, the mission was botched because of bad radio connection, they were 4 guys who had to fight an army of soldiers from the opposing side, with no back up and no decision making from upper management.  It’s interesting how one key factor can be the life line or choke hold, depending on how faulty the equipment is.  It’s frustrating to think we have all the great technology, for communication, and we can’t get a radio to work for a special ops mission, and a helicopter full of people have to die because of it?  Then the plan B didn’t even work very well?  What’s the meaning of this?

Lone Survivor Cast/photo: fatmovieguy.com
Lone Survivor Cast/photo: fatmovieguy.com

All to say, Mark Wahlberg, 2 Two Guns, Taylor Kitsch, Savages, Emile Hirsch,The Girl Next Door, and Ben Foster, 3:10 to Yuma, were all great in this film and the director Peter Berg, Battleship, was also very good at telling the story through their eyes.  Nicely done everyone, with awesome stunts and realistic gun battles it had everything for a man to love, expect for eye candy, yay.  This movie gets an A, see it in theaters it’s that good.   Mostly because of the stories premise about doing what is right even if you die because of it.  ***Safety Alert*** language, graphic gun battles, and some disturbing images.  This movie is rated R. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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