Is Northern California Taking A Rain Check On Winter?

So what’s really going on with winter? This has been a strange and unusual season, in California, we went from fall to spring, without any kind of winter.  Which is a bad thing considering we are a fire state.  Not to mention water rationing, which will be tough in the summer months for sure.  When I go outside in the morning and see so much sunshine it’s almost confusing because not only is it sunny but very warm.  The temperatures in Sacramento have been in the low 60’s to the low 70’s.

Here is example of some pretty Camillia’s I saw at the library yesterday.  I just looked up these plants and they actually start blooming between January through April in No. Cal.


I think it’s cute how nature responds to the sun even if it shouldn’t be shinning so brightly yet.  I hope these poor flowers will make it til spring, since we are almost in a state of emergency for water.  It may be a very golden spring and summer unfortunately which is why we are named the Golden State, I guess. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

More Camillia’s.

Camillia 2

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