Shadow Recruit, Is Chris Pine The New Kevin Costner?

Fast paced, good acting, stunts, and a decently executed story line, made this film enjoyable. It’s also very hard not to compare the actors Pine, Star Trek, and Costner, Dances With Wolves, to each other being that they are both in the same movie.  Which is the point, so here we go.

Costner and Pine/photo:

Pine, plays Jack Ryan and he’s being recruited by William Harper, played by Costner.  Ryan, is a war hero who comes back from the middle east injured.  As he is in extensive rehab, he meets his lady-love therapist, Keira Knightley, Pride and Prejudice, and meets CIA agent, William Harper.  Harper wants Ryan to work for him to help catch a bad guy from Russia, Viktor Cherevin, played by Kenneth Branagh, Henry V.  As Ryan enlists to catch this guy, he barely knows what he’s doing, but manages the tasks given him very well. He becomes a wall street stock broker as his cover, and because he’s so computer savvy he’s able to infiltrate these ranks rather easily. Then he gets the Intel and heads to Russia, to get the bad guy.

Kenneth Branagh/photo:

All plans are moving smoothly, until his wife decides to follow Ryan to Russia, and stumbles into his CIA operation.  However, that doesn’t seem to slow Harper down, and she becomes part of the operation, and so the story goes.

Through this whole movie I kept asking why didn’t they use an American woman to play the American lead female character?  It’s interesting to note that in most American movies, there is at least one Brit playing an American.  I can think of at least 5 movies that would prove this point. I guess it doesn’t hurt, that the director, Branagh, is also a Brit as well as the bad guy in this flick.

However, speaking of Knightly, she doesn’t do the best American accent, and it leaves you cringing every time she speaks.  She was window dressing in this movie and the role was not important, anyone could have played this role, including an American.  However, Pine, and Costner, have a very good partnering here, and Costner’s acting skills have ameliorated with age, as Pine handles being a leading man with ease.  With Pine’s all American boy looks, and his convincing screen presence, he pulls off being more than just James T. Kirk of the star-ship enterprise.  Which is great for his career, not to get too pinned down in that iconic role, which could prove dangerous, and leave him type cast.

Finally, to my question about Pine being the new Costner, I would say yes and no.  Pine is a better actor than Costner, but given Costner is older now he’s been picking acting gigs that are within his limits, and handles them better, than as a younger man.  Pine is a good young Costner replacement for this genre, and I think they should partner up again, and make this a series of films.  The other great thing about this movie is there weren’t any safety alert cautions, which gives this film a B, note worthy, overall.  This movie is rated PG13 for a little language and some violence. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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