In A World

Lake Bell and Michaela Watkins/photo:
Lake Bell and Michaela Watkins/photo:

In A World, is an awkward, silly comedy about voice over actors, and more specifically a woman voice over actor.  Lake Bell, No Strings Attached, actor/writer/director of this film, has an interesting kind of acting style.  She concentrates on how uncomfortable life is in her own skin and fleshed that out magnificently, with not just herself, but with almost all the characters in the movie.

Voice acting is interesting, because few people know exactly what it is.  Or how cut throat it can be. The movie starts off showing just that, how competitive, and one-dimensional it was.  With only one man, the real life, Don LaFontaine, being at the helm of voice over acting, until his death 2008.   Not that others didn’t do voice acting, but his voice was one of the most, if not the most famous of all time.  Which is why, In A World, became LaFontaine’s catch phrase.

Lake Bell builds off the premise, that, not only is this business narrow-minded but, it also discriminates against women, and even her own father,  Fred Melamed, A Serious Man, descriminates.  As she tries to become a female voice over actor, mirroring after her voice over fathers success, she gets blocked by her father who is mentoring a young guy, Gustav, Ken Marino, Burning Love, who’s become very sought after in voice over.  Bell is upset by this because her father has a chauvinistic attitude about women being in this industry, and Bell tries to thwart that attitude by becoming successful without his help.

Bell, has a sweet way of being silly, and because the story premise is not sexy or provocative, she manages to add that aspect to the movie without it being too obscene and crass.   The movie, manages a romantic comedy without all the melodrama, and featured love song, yay.

Also, it’s refreshing to see unknown faces on-screen with a few familiar one’s speckled in.  Most of whom are probably friends that wanted to help make her funny, cute, movie.  She shows, an interesting take on family, that feels real, and her dialog had a very funny interesting rhythm to it.  Also, the familiar skylines of Los Angeles, were comforting because the movie is filmed, in my hometown of Silverlake, near Hollywood, CA.  This movie gets a B+, because A is for movies that are still in theaters, with no safety alert, and some language, I enjoyed this film.  This movie is rated R, for some language and content.  

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