Everything Was Awesome, In The Lego Movie!**

Emmet, The Lego Movie/photo: youtube.com
Emmet, The Lego Movie/photo: youtube.com

Wow, what a funny, cute, movie for the family.  I know a lot of movies make that claim, but this is really one of them.

Emmet, played by Chris Platt, Parks&Recreation, is a construction worker, who wants to be liked.  But Emmet has a problem, he is very ordinary and nobody notices him.  So as he tries to read manuals on how to become Awesome, he constantly comes up short, but he’s an upbeat kind of guy and keeps trying.  So, as he goes about his day in his awesome pursuits, he hears a whoosh while at work, and sees a beautiful Lego lady and follows her, and as he does, he falls down a hole and his life is forever changed.  Where he meets Vitruvius, Morgan Freeman, Last Vegas, and goes on a quest to become the Special, because he is mistaken for the Master Builder, and so the story goes.

Technically this movie was very tight, with great special effects and imaginative uses of Lego’s.  I’m thankful that imagination isn’t dead in this technical age.

The best thing about this movie was the voice acting, Chris Platt played the lead voice actor and was wonderful at being ordinary and somewhat of a dits.  The next best thing was the one liners in the film, there also seemed to be a lot of improvising, especially from Morgan Freeman.  He seemed to be having fun doing the voice over acting, and broke character a bit in the movie.  Will Arnett, Up All Night, was funny as well, as Batman, and Elizabeth Banks, Pitch Perfect, playing Wildstyle, has awesome timing as a voice actor.  In all, the movie had a good message, interesting villains like the tube of crazy glue, and had me smiling at the end.  So, this movie gets a A, see it in the theater it’s that good.  With only one-off color joke, its pure movie magic, with a great theme song.  Rated PG. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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