Unglamorous, unknown actors, and slow-paced, but an entertaining slow pace, made this movie pop off the screen. That carried the movie all the way to the end, without you thinking. “When is this thing gonna start?” Will Forte, SNL, plays the son, of an old man named Woody Grant, and has a sweetness about him, and a compassion for his old man dad.  Who wants to go and get his million dollars from one of those magazine ads he received in the mail.  So as Woody starts walking, his son stops him and decides to drive across country to get it.  Even though his son knows it’s a gimmick.

It’s a very good thing to see movies that deal with seniors and how to care for them as they become less able to care for themselves, because of the aging process.  Because, if we are fortunate enough, we will all be there one day, and how you cared for your kids will most likely be how they will care for you in your old age.  So it’s a good idea to do well by your children when they are children.

The cast of Nebraska/photo:
The cast of Nebraska/photo:

This film was one of the slowest moving films I’ve watched in a long time, that was actually good.  Wow, actors must wait all their lives to get the role of a life time and Bruce Dern, Last Man Standing, finally got his, at age 77.  Also, up til now he hasn’t been an outstanding actor, he’s been around but nothing that memorable.  So to see him play a crotchety old man and to do it so well was brilliant.  Maybe, it was easy for him to play this guy because he may be a crotchety old actor.  This role was very well suited for him, because it was hard to tell he was acting.  I believed him, as an alcoholic, bordering on senility, and a life time of regret.   I hope he wins the Oscar for this one.

The sum up: Very well-directed, great cinematography, good soundtrack, well acted by all the actors, and good reminder to all about the aging process.  This movie gets an A, for see it in theater’s it’s that good. The movie is rated R, for language. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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