Chi Chi The Cat vs. The Hummingbirds

The Hummingbird, this is the male. The female won't come back.
The Hummingbird, this is the male. The female won’t come back.

I’m not sure, but I thought hummingbirds migrate to the south in the winter?  Well to answer my own question, I just read the only non-migrant hummingbird is this one, the Anna’s Hummingbird.  But, having said that when they have a continual nectar source I guess it would be hard to leave.  Which brings me to Chi Chi the cat, who’s constantly hunting for birds and vermin outside of her home.  She decided today on a wet and rainy day, that she would risk getting wet to catch a hummingbird.

Hummingbird Feeder/photo: Shazza
The enticement, the infamous feeder.

It was a beautiful picturesque scene til suddenly out of nowhere, Chi Chi the cat, jumps up and snatched one of the hummingbirds from a branch it was resting on, it was creepy, I could still see the branch shaking from the blunt trama attack.  The crazy part was, neither the bird, nor I ever saw it coming.  Jeez, cat’s are ruthless little hunters.  It was like a horror film, where a quiet peaceful scene is broken by a cheesy jump scare.

It was a female bird victim, who was already having a hard go of it, just dealing with the male swooping down on her, every time she attempted to get a drink. Then as she was resting intermittently, she was suddenly ambushed and gone.  This was a very desperate little scene, and I couldn’t help the little bird, other than by running to the window, and looking down where Chi Chi was sitting in wait.

Chi Chi the cat
Chi Chi the cat, in hunting camouflage. 

Chi Chi managed to grab it but she couldn’t hold on to it and the bird managed to get away with her life. From my viewpoint, all I could see was Chi Chi’s big green eyes, looking frustrated that she had missed the bird, thank goodness.  Hummingbirds have a hard time as it is being so small and sassy, and then with crazy attack cat’s they haven’t got a chance.

That poor little bird was not having a good day, but she made it one more day, today, thanks to Chi Chi’s slow reflexes.  Although, next time, it might be Chi Chi 1, hummingbird 0.  Nature is so disheartening, even in the backyard of the suburbs.  I mean my goodness, this isn’t the outback, this is just Sacramento, for goodness sake.  However, It was nice to see a herd of wild deer prancing by when I was driving someone home today, that’s not something I see everyday.  And, it does remind me occasionally of the planes of africa, on a very, very, small-scale. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “Chi Chi The Cat vs. The Hummingbirds

  1., look at those green eyes! I’m glad you’ve been posting. I know it was a rough ride with the loss of your aunt, S. If you missed the latest and would like to participate in the RACE, I’d be happy to promote your blog.


    • Sure I will check out your blog and see what’s up. Thanks for the shout out missed you too, D!!! I almost emailed you the other day. I should have, always go with your first mind. Many blessings sis. S.


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