Learning American Sign Language, Who Me????

The sign for "ok."
The sign for “ok.”

ASL, wow, who knew this would be so taxing on my brain cells?  I’m really excited to learn a new language, but always thought it would be a hearing language, you know something like, French.  So, I’m challenged by this and hope in 6 months I will be able to talk to my son in law’s father, who is deaf.  Usually, when I see him I say “hi,” and run away.  So the next time I see him I will be able to say “hi,” and at least ask him, “how are you doing?”  Then run away, mostly because I’m shy and ASL is not a shy language.

As people, it’s important to step out of our comfort zone and do things that will help us grow.  The natural response to things hard, in my case, is to not do it or fight against it.  But I’m going to learn ASL because it’s the right thing to do, since I have a son-in-law, whose father is not hearing.  Why should either of us be left out of the conversation, because learning something new is hard?

My daughter has learned sign language so quickly.  She is very fluent after only 4 months or so, which is brilliant, it doesn’t hurt that her husband is completely fluent since it’s his dad that is deaf, but if she can do it, so can I.  Learning how to sign opens up a whole other world, that was completely closed to me.  Who knows, what will happen after I learn this language, maybe I will take this further to the college level, well, we shall see, but thanks internet for helping me get started, ok now I gotta get to work!!! ~ Musings&Rants

6 thoughts on “Learning American Sign Language, Who Me????

  1. WTG Shazza! Sign Language isn’t really hard, and your fingers will sometimes take on a mind of their own, but for the most part I’ll bet you’ve talked with your hands for years! LOL
    I remember a time when a deaf friend of mine took me to the fair and we were having a blast! We played some of the ‘side-games’ and I don’t remember what we had to do, but one of the prizes was a CD (cheap, unheard of band). Well we won and I INSISTED the prize was HERS! After all, it was HER money.
    It actually took her a few minutes to convince me that she had no use for the prize by, finally, pointing to her ears and shrugging! We had a good laugh about it, but truly, I know she was happy because I had completely forgotten about her ‘handicap’. And truly, that is the best thing for someone who is ‘different’; to completely forget they are different! You CAN do it and your daughter’s F-i-L will be tickled… *hugs* luv khrys…

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    • Khrys, you are so funny, I laughed so hard after you told that story!!! Anyway, so good to see you back on your blog again I missed you!!! So much has happened since the last time you were around my baby girl got married and has a husband with a deaf dad. So yeah, thanks also for the encouragement from the story you just told. I’m excited but it gets tiring when learning this, I practiced last night for an hour and a half. So now I have to study again. I want to be able to have a conversation with Matt, Lani’s husband and for him to be so surprised!!! Even though he’s not the one deaf. Love you sister, Sharon.


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