Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Original Cartoon/image:

If you want to see a great kid’s movie this is the one. Why? Because, it stays true to the original show, which aired in the 50’s and 60’s.  I watched the reruns in the 70’s, and enjoyed the show immensely.

The premise, is about a super educated dog that adopts a boy he names Sherman.  As he raises the boy he teaches him all he knows about life.  Peabody then invents a machine that goes back into the past called, The Way Back, and takes Sherman in their spare time on adventures.

When Sherman starts school he runs into trouble with some kids and gets teased about being so smart.  One girl in particular, named Penny, ridicules Sherman, and when Sherman retaliates, Peabody and her parents have a meeting to iron things out.  While Peabody charms the parents, at his home, Sherman and Penny decide to take The Way Back for a spin, even though Peabody warns against this.  So the story continues from there.

This premise works well, as it teaches kids some history, and makes it fun.  All the voice actors are exceptional, with Ty Burell, Modern Family, at the helm,  and perfectly cast, captures the voice of Peabody with little effort.  The voices of Sherman, Max Charles, and Penny, Ariel Winter, gave the movie super cuteness, and the animation was right on.  Fast pace storytelling moved things along, so the movie never gets bogged down.

I must digress here and mention marketing strategy for this film, I think it was very cleverly demographed for grandparents to take the grandkids.  The reason; because most parents would not know about Peabody and Sherman, as children, but grandparents would.  So well done on that too.

peabody and sherman image wall paper
Mr.Peabody&Sherman, the movie/image: image

The sum up: This movie gets an A; theater worthy, see it in the theater, it’s that good; for keeping to the original story; the extreme puns Peabody makes, and kid friendliness.  I recommend this one for anyone 4 years and up.  This movie is rated PG, for a few adult jokes. ~ Musings&Rants

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