Justified: The American Equivalent to BBC’s Sherlock

Olyphant, Goggins, Justifide/image: ign.com
Olyphant, Goggins, Justified/image: ign.com

I don’t usually critique TV shows because honestly, TV is pretty inauspicious. I stopped trying to critique them after watching Elementary, a crime drama on CBS, insisting it’s a story about Sherlock Holmes. And with Lucy Liu playing  a female Watson, the show is extremely BORING and far-fetched!!!!

Which Segway’s me into what this post is about. Justified. Wow, is all I can really say, I tried to watch the first episode years ago, but couldn’t get through it because of commercials.  After revisiting the show 4 years later, I realized how much great TV I’ve missed.  I’m so glad that after all these years and getting Amazon streaming, I was able to find all 4 seasons wrapped like a gift for me and commerical free.

WOW, starting a sentence this way is silly but, this show is what TV should look like in a crime drama series, and the way Americans like to drag a show out for at least 13 episodes, this show stays fresh which is a hard task for any show to do with such a long season. This show has everything America was founded on, as far as stereotypes, and none of it seems forced and preachy, it just is what it is.  From racist white folks, living in the hills and making moonshine, to black folks eating fried chicken, and BBQ. The reason? Because, the actors, writers, and directors are all exceptional at conveying these themes without being trite or too over the top.

With quite a lot of new faces, and extremely good talent, this show has the caliber of some very good british TV I’ve watched in the past.  One such show is Sherlock, with Benedict Cumberbatch. With very clever writing and dialog, Justified feels much like that exceptional show but with 10 more episodes as a bonus.

Timothy Olyphant, Raylan Givens leads the cast, and being so very easy on the eyes, gives the female audience something to envison, as Walton Goggins, Boyed Crowder, Raylan’s nemesis keeps you compelled because he is dangerous.  Which is where the bromance lies.  Raylan Givens, The Cowboy/US Marshal and Boyed Crowder, the outlaw that wears his blue jeans cuffed at the bottom, are archenemies and yet, no. They have a love/hate relationship, similar to Sherlock and Watson. They seem to help each other out of pickles throughout the show, yet still manage to have a disdain for one another.

For whatever reason, this twosome work very well together and play off of each other with ease and good chemistry. Timothy’s job is to stand around, hold on to his belt, gun, squint his eyes, and look pretty.  And Walton’s job is to deliver wonderful poetic threatening lines, in a slow articulate drawl, to give you the sense that he’s a really bad but educated man, as both pull this off with southern accents effortlessly. (Just a note: I think Walton Goggins is from Georgia.)

As this season concludes in a few weeks, it will hopefully be on Amazon very soon.  Also, as the shows final season starts next year, I will be sad to see it go.  But I’m a firm believer in shows finishing their run well. So that it can become a classic crime drama for oldies to rewatch and newbies to enjoy for the first time. ~ Musings&Rants

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