Captain America Winter Soldier, Bromance and Action*

Chris Evan, this must be his good side, but not sure there is a bad side/image:
Chris Evans, this must be his good side, oh wait… not sure there is a bad side/image:

I really enjoyed this movie, it was well executed. The story was a little silly, and predictable but done with flare.

The premise:  Captain America, Chris Evans, has to come against a new foe who is part robot.  He also, can’t trust anyone.  He’s introduced to his enemy by his mentor and commander and chief, Nick Fury, Samuel L Jackson, which creates new problems because CA must figure out who’s dirty and who is not.  So he buddies up with a retired military man, Sam Wilson, Anthony Mackey, to help in his quest to find out how to fight the enemy, he also recruits Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson, for extra back up.  Why he can trust them?  Not sure but it pushes the story along.

Something that really jumps out in these Avenger/Marvel movies, is the writers are creative in the one liners. They aren’t going for stupid tired clichés like in Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, they are imaginative and genuinely make you laugh.  Iron Man had them, Avengers 2, and Thor, however, I’m not sure if they all had the same writers for all the aforementioned films?  Whatever the case, this genre is more entertaining.  Also, as special effects advance in film, the scenes flow and look more realistic, than say, the Spider Man series of films from the early 2000’s.

As for fan wear, it was for the women in the audience, with Chris Evans at the helm with bulging arms and chest, gave the female audience something to envision with very little fan wear for the men, other than the bromance between Sam and CA.  Scarlett Johansson, was bland in this role, she’s lost her flare on-screen, she just said her lines and that was all, maybe a taller Black Widow would’ve helped?  Not sure but something wasn’t right.  The fight scenes had good choreography and the chase scenes were exciting.  Which helped to mask whatever lacked with Johansson.  And the bromantic chemistry was amusing.

This tight shirt is out of control/image:
Umm…this tight shirt is out of control/image:

The Sum Up:  This movie gets a B, for see either in the movies or DVD, but see it.  For very little cursing, good one liners, great stunts and special effects.  The dialog is better than a B, but it wasn’t enough to hold out for an A.  With no Safety Alert, this is one you can see with the family, well, no children under 8 because of violence.  This movie is rated Pg 13. ~ Musings&Rants

4 thoughts on “Captain America Winter Soldier, Bromance and Action*

  1. To me, my only problem was that it felt like it got too serious for its own good. However, once it picked up and allowed for the action to take over, it became a lot more of a fun watch. Good review.


    • Thanks Dan, yes it did kind of take itself too seriously, but when it lightened up it was fun to watch, and I saw it at a drive in which made it even better. Because you can talk in your car.


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